Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birthstone of December (Turquoise)

December: Tarquoise is the gem of this month thought recently tanzanite was declared as an additional birthstone for December. Tarquoise is one of the oldest known talismanic and curative gems, prozed by civilization since the time of Mesopotamia. It was thought that it could predict the weather, indicate illness and warn of poison. As an amulet, it made animals surefooted and guns accurate. The stone sysmbolished success an good fortune, and often was worn as a love charm. Suspended by a string inside a glass, a turquoise would strike the glass every hour.Thought generally known to be a milky blue, it is sometimes found as a green stone. Turquoise averts the evil eye and is worn for this puepose in the Middle East, Tibet and India. Jewellery,amulets and cosmetics are made from turquoise.

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