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Ancient recipes of gem therapy

Powdered pearl, zircon, emerald and coral cured plague. Carbonate of copper, pearls, charred stag's horn and coral cured blood poisoning, malaria and malignant fevers.Powdered kidney stone of a goat with white amber, red coral, crab's eyes, powdered hartshorn, pearl and black crab's claws was a basic life-saving cordial.

A long pearl was soaked in malt or in an infusion of serpent gall, honeycomb and pumice and then pulled to a length of two or three feet. Cut into short pieces, it was used as a youth elixir and to depress appetite. Seed pearls dissolved in distilled vinegar and oil of tartar forms a sediment and this powder, rinsed with pure water and dried, was an ideal face scrub. A tincture of pure rock crystal cured dropsy, lymphatic swelling or hypochondriac melancholy.

Jade, rice, and dew water boiled in a copper pot and filtered, hardened bones, made muscles strong and supple, calmed the mind and purified the blood.

Healing powers of gemstones - Part 8

Sardonyx was a cure snake bite and other poison. Topaz has the widest range of curative powers and is believed to prevent colds and tuberculosis. It relieved fear, detoxified the body, strengthened the thyroid gland and enchanced metabolism. Topaz was regarded as a powerful aphrodisiac and was often used to treat sexual dysfunction. Powdered topaz in rosewater prevented bleeding and a topaz pressed against the nose stopped a nose bleed. The gem also overcame cowardice, removed tumours, improved eyesight, aided digestion, and prevented sleepwalking and, dropped wine, countered lunacy.

Tourmaline is said heal cancer and AIDS. It was known to strengthen teeth, shrink varicose veins prevent baldness. Its tendency to develop electrical charge when rubbed with silk gave it the ability to induce sleep and relieve stress. Women were advised to avoid green tourmaline.

Zircon, otherwise known as hyacinth stimulates the heart and stops convulsions and cramps. If the stomach was massaged with zircon placed in a cloth bag,k insomnia would disappear. During the great plague, men and women hung powdered zircon round their necks.

Healing powers of gemstones - Part 7

Pearl in milk were given to cure unclers, while ground pearls in wood syrup kept off the plague. The gem promotes body fluids and the blood, nourishing the body tissues and the nerves. It also strengthens the female reproductive system, improves fertility, and calms the emotions. Pearls were burnt and powdered to stop bleeding and inhaling the smoke cured headaches. It was considerd beneficial for easing indigestion, Curing haemorrhoids, and counteracting poison. Some regarded it as a powerful aphrodisiac. It increases sexual strength and makes the conjugal life happy, removes melancholy and increases fortune. It has the reputation that it offers protection from harm, inspires love faithfulness and overall ensures a happy married life.

Peridot, when fashioned into a cup, intensifies the effects of medicine drunk from it. Quartz (or rock crystal) was thought to prevent dizziness. Prescribed for dysentery, it was powdered and mixed in dry wine, while nursing mothers were given it in honey. Ruby enchance blood circulation and strengthens immunity. When rubbed on the body, ruby would remove visible signs of aging.

Sapphire has been used to heal eye ailments and to protect the body from disease and a yellow sapphire enchance energy and vitality. Sapphires were used to purify the blood, fortify the heart and relieve flatulence. Mixed with milk, this gem dried up ulcers, boils, and pustules.

Healing powers of gemstones - Part 6

Jet filtered out germs and alleviated headaches, toothache, stomach diseases, goitre, dropsy, hysteria and delirium caused by fever. It was applied to tumours in powdered form. The fumes of burning jet alleviated various conditions such as colds, female disorders and hysteria. Jet soaked in wine relieved toothache and fixed loose teeth.

Lapis Lazuli has been favourite cure for skin diseases and circulatory problems and against recurrent fevers. This stone was extensively used by medicine men of the Levant. Again being blue, eye troubles were healed by bathing with water in which lapis was soaked. Powdered lapis apparently prevented miscarriage, but also eased childbirth. Besides being an antidote for snake bite, it is generally worn to ward off the evil eye.

Malachite reduces stress tension and aids sleep. Malachite and honey reduced bleeding and relieved cramps. Dissolved in milk, it was given for heart malfunction. Malachite also cured ulcers and was used as a purgative. Moonstone relieves anxiety and stress in women. Traditionally it was prescribed during childbirth. Onyx helps to induce sleep. Opal is reputed to strengthen bones. Wrapped in bay leaf, opals cured diseases of the eye, heart cancer. It was also thought to be a cpntraceptive.

Pearls in milk were given to cure ulcers, while ground pearls in wood syrup kept off the plague. The gem promotes body fluids and the blood, nourishing the body tissues and the nerves. It also strengthens the female reproductive system, improves fertility, and calms the emotion. Pearls were burnt and powdered to stop bleeding and inhaling the smoke cured headaches. It was considered beneficial for easing indigestion, curing haemorrhoids , and counteracting poison. Some regarded it as a powerful aphrodisiac. It increases sexual strength and makes the conjugal life, removes melancholy and increases fortune. It has the reputation that it offers protection from harm, inspires faithfulness and overall ensures a happy married life.

Healing powers of gemstones - Part 5

Garnet, as with other red and yellow gems, was thought to stop bleeding and cure blood and eye diseases and it apparently also increased the blood pressure. It was also prescribed for insomina.

Green Fluorite is helpful for hormonal changes such as PMS and menopause. Hematite cured inflamed eyelids and headaches, and hypertension. Placed anywhere on the body as a ring, pendant or necklace, it cured illness of all kinds. Hematite has a long history with eye doctors. Tumours on the eyelids wrre treated with powdered hematite in egg white or fenugreek and general inflammation subsided when treated with a solution of hematite in water. It also soothed skin injuries such as burns.

Jade strengthens the heart, kidneys and the immune system and so increases longevity and fertility. Ancient Greeks treated ailments of the eye with jade. The green gem is a good healing talisman for problem associated with the kidneys, urinary tract and digestion but it has been known to control swelling of glands in the face and neck. Jade treated kidney ailments and broke up kidney stones by placing it on the body silver, jade strengthened the lugs, the vocal organs, and the heart and prolonged life. A mixture of jade, rice and dew hardened bones, made muscles more supple, and purified blood. Jade was used for embalming bodies. Dissolved in wine, it relived bile.

Jasper alleviates cancer and other wasting diseases. It vitalises brain tissue and stimulates hormone balance.

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Healing powers of gemstones - Part 4

Diamond heals injury, trauma, and diseases on all levels, Diamonds are said cure ailments of the kidney and reproductive organs. They also enchance sexual power and help cure diabetes, syphilis and skin and uterine diseases. It was once believed that a diamond would weat near poison and many even today have the mistaken notion that the diamond is a deadly poison when swallowed. Emperor Frederick 11 (1194-1250) died, according to legend, through a fatal overdose of powdered diamond. It is said that the son of the Turkish Sultan Dajazet (1447-1513) poisoned his father by mixing a large amount of pulverized diamond in food. When the Pope Clement 5 was ailing in 1532, his doctors dosed him with fourteen spoonfuls of powdered diamonds and other precious stones, as a result of which he said. Since then the fable has spread that powdered diamonds are poisonous. P.L. Farnese, son of the Pope Paul n3, tried to assassinate the Italian goldsmith, Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571) by mixing diamond powder with his salad. Cellini apparently escaped death because the lapidary who was employed to pulverize the stone kept the diamonds for himself and substituted powdered glass! This association of diamonds with poison may have been promoted to discourage mining workers from stealing diamonds by swallowing them.

Dioptase strengthens the cardiovascular and centrel nervous systems and is used to cure ulcers, nervous stomach and hypertension.

Emerald a green stone often tinged with blue is believed to be the most powerful healing gemstone. It is generally placed on the painful area. Medicine men soaked emerald in water and bathed eyes of patients to rid them of irritation. Those with gout and liver complaints were given powdered emerald. Just holding the stone in the mouth stopped bleeding. It was also recommended for the treatment of dysentry and leprosy.

Healing powers of gemstones - Part 3

Amethyst apparently prevented drunkenness when tied over the navel or when wine was drunnk from an amethyst goblet. It also cleaned poison, quickened the wits, protected soldiers, and cured gout. A lotion of amethyst was given to cure barrenness while merele wearing it increased income and protected one against witchcraft. It soothed passion and brought on spiritual uplift. It placed on the stomach or the liver it alleviated abdominal pain. It was wrapped around the joints to lessen arthritic pains.

Apatite helps to fight viruses. Aquamarine being blue, was a natural to cure eye injuries. The finely powdered stone was put in the injured eye for a while. Alternatively, the powder was soaked in water and the injured eye was bathed in the solution. Drinking this water also prevented hiccups. Aquamarine was also rubbed over swollen glands to reduce them. Just wearing it prevented spasms, convulsions, and liver ailments.

Aventurine induces blood circulation and clears congestion. It is associated with the thymus and is traditionally used for healing diseases of the eye. Beryl is recommended for ailments of the liver, stomach, glands and eyes. It is said to boost the immune system and alleviate depression, nausea, ulcers, constipation and obesity. Bloodstone was thought to stop bleeding, as it was a green gem flecked with red.

Carnelian alleviates allergies, nose bleeding and eye irritation but it must be washed after use. Citrine relieves diseases of the kidneys, colon, liver, gallbladder, digestive organs and heart. Coral increases fertility and regulates menstruation. It eases teething problems in children and is a cure for arthritis. Coral was used for most ailments, to cure wounds and ance, relieve indigestion and epilepsy. Red coral dissolved in wine was prescribed for liver disease and was a diuretic. Babies gained weight if given powdered coral with milk and this potion also fought acidity.

Healing powers of gemstones - Part 2

According to gem therapists, precious and semi-precious stones can also interact with the human aura and induce changes in life and health. The theory is that gemstones carry vibrations and these effect changes on the human system that are sometimes strong and repeatable. THey heal ailments by recommending that specific gemstones touch the body or imbibe them through sipping water in which gems, powdered or whole are soaked. Indian medicine men purified gems by immersing them in salt water or holy water from the river Ganga for at least two days, chanting sacred verses over them.

Gem therapists believe that apart from the medicines that could be extracted from gemstones, ailments can be treated by merely wearing gems. When worn to heal, gems should weight at least two carats in an open setting of gold. For the purpose, flawless high quality rounded stones of natural origin that have not been treated or dyed must be used. Gemstones work when in contract with the body at the proper place. For best results, they must be placed at a proper position on the body and generally one wears hhigh quality round beads strung on silk tread around the neck. This makes sure that the gematones touches the skin.

A vast variety of gemstones have some therapeutic value. Some of these are not easy to get in India but can be purchased from gem dealers elsewhere.

Amazonite improves self-worth and self-confidence.

Amber alleviates depression and creates happiness and staring at the gem is thought to improve eyesight. It was once widely used as an oinment to improve eyesight. For this it was ground into a paste with honey. With added rose oil, it cured ear infections and even deafness. Amber oil was rubbed on the chest to relieve whooping caught and asthma and the smoke from burning amber alleviated sympoms of cold and cough. It cleansed the air and even eased the pain of childbirth. Dissolved in water with added opium, the syrup acted as a sedative. Merely wearing amber reputed to cure jaundice and reduce fever and cool the body.

Healing powers of gemstones - Part 1

Early Sanskrit texts describe the medicinal properties of gems. Indian alchemy made liberal use of the 'essence' of gemstones. Astrology and gemmology played a crucial role in traditional Indian medicine. Gems were not merely chemicals, but contained energy derived from the planets that helped to prevent and cure disease. All ancient texts, as for example, the Ras Ratna Samuchchaya, written a thousand years ago, have chapters dealing with the quality, properties, selection and preparetion of medicine from gems and their application in various health problems. According to the Rsaratnakara of Nagarjuna written in the eight century AD, gem minerals could change base metals to gold and silver. The very precious nine gems (navaratnas), blue sapphire (nila), yellow sapphire (pushkraj), zircon (gomeda), pearl (mautika), cat's eye (vaidurya) and coral (vidruma) - as well as topaz (pushpaka), tourmaline (vaikranta), suntone (suryakanta) and moonstone (chandrakanta) formed part of Indian medicines. There were also nineteen powerful semi-precious stones that were powerful and were greatly helpful as substitutes for the navaratnas in hardness, lustre and clarity. These were: Peridot, Tourmaline, Topaz, Amethyst, Rock Crystal, Moonstone, Garnet, Neeli (asubstitute for blue sapphire), Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Amber, Agate, Malachite, Jaichint, Green Onyx, Green Beryl, Red Coral and Turquoise. Indian alchemists purified these gems before use by streaming them with plant juices and then heating them on a coal fire.

In Europe too, druggists in the Middle Ages stocked remedies for common made from gemstones, among other ingredients. Pope Clement IV supposedly swallowed forty ducats worth of various powdered gems to cure his illness and Louis XIV of France regularly took pills made of pearl and coral, as prescribed by his personal physician. Here too, the stone had to touch a specific part of the body, or else it was swallowed whole, as a powder or boiled in water.

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Birthstone of December (Turquoise)

December: Tarquoise is the gem of this month thought recently tanzanite was declared as an additional birthstone for December. Tarquoise is one of the oldest known talismanic and curative gems, prozed by civilization since the time of Mesopotamia. It was thought that it could predict the weather, indicate illness and warn of poison. As an amulet, it made animals surefooted and guns accurate. The stone sysmbolished success an good fortune, and often was worn as a love charm. Suspended by a string inside a glass, a turquoise would strike the glass every hour.Thought generally known to be a milky blue, it is sometimes found as a green stone. Turquoise averts the evil eye and is worn for this puepose in the Middle East, Tibet and India. Jewellery,amulets and cosmetics are made from turquoise.

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Birthstone of November (Topaz)

November: Topaz comes in several colours and shades, the most desirable being orange and blue. The orange shade is generally presented for the twenty-third wedding anniversary and the blue on the fourth year of marriage. This stone has been known for centuries to give strength and cure ailments like asthma. It is a 'cooling' stone as it assuages anger and can even ward off sudden death. The ancients believed that topaz made the wearer invisible in times of distress and when close to a poison, it changed colour. However, the inexpensive citrine is usually passed off as topaz, thereby leaving the wearer unprotected.

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Birthstone of October (Opal)

October: Apart frombeing the October birthstone, opal is the gemstone to celebrate a fourteenth marriage anniversary. The stone shows vivid flashes of colour on a white, black, dark blue, dark green or grey baclground. Opal has always been a sysmbol of hope, innocence and purity. It has a positive influence promoting compassion, creativity and under-standing. In the Middle Ages, young, fair-haired girls wore opals in their hair to protect its blonde colour. Seeing the flashes of colour, the early discoveres of opal thought that it was a piece of the rainbow and ascribed it to the god of love, Cupid or Kama. The stone reflected the mood of the person who wore it and the belief was that when he or she died, the fire would go out. The black opal and the fire opal are the most expensive but are stones that would absorb the passion of love. It is said to have a beneficial effect on eyesight, a connection with the belief that opal could render its wearer invisible. Thieves and burglars therefore were partial to this stone. It is thought to banish evil spirits and favour children, the dramatic arts and friendships.

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Birthstone of September (Sapphire)

September: Sapphire is the birthstone of September as well as the anniversary gem for the fifth and forty-fifth years of marriage. Ancient priests and sorcerers revered sapphire more than other gems, for it helped them to predict the future. The Christians believed that the Ten Commandments were written on tablets of sapphire. Marriage partners put great faith in the stone. It its lustre dimmed, one knew his or her spouse had been unfaithful. Legend has it that a sapphire will not shine if a wicked or impure person wears it. It therefore became a test for an unfaithful partner.

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Birthstone of August (Peridot)

August: Peridot is conventionally the stone for the sixteeth year of marriage. It is a bright lime-green stone, with no brown tinge. Pirates favoured it and made amulets set with peridot to protect themselves against evil. Set in gold, it blocked the terrors of the night. Peridot, also known as chrysolite or olivine, was credited with the power of prophecy and those who wore it became gracious and loving.

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Birthstone of July (Ruby)

July: Ruby, known as 'ratnaraja' or king of gems in India, is a pure red for the finest gems. It is presented on the fifteenth and fortieth year of marriage, as it protects a person's stature in life, his home and wealth. A ruby of good quality ensures that the owner lives in peace with his neighbours. Set in gold, it gold, it should be worn on the left side of the body.

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Birthstone of June (Pearl)

June: Pearl is the birthstone of June and given on the third and thirtieth anniversaries. Choice pearls are prefectly round, large and lustrous and should be free from scratches and other spots. They are recognised as the emblem of modesty, chastity and purity and signify a happy marriage. Often moonstone substitutes for pearl, being similar in appearance but less expensive. The movement of the ray on moonstone reflects the waxing and warning of the moon. Held in the mouth during full moon, it arouses passion and tells lovers of their future relationship.

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Birthstone of May (Emerald)

May: Emerald, the lovely green stone is the stone for May. It is also the ideal gift for the twentieth and thirty-fifth years of marriage. Good emeralds of decent size are almost as expensive as diamonds and generally only small sizes are commonly available. Every stone has included crystals within it forming lovely patterns. According to legend, the wearing of emerald not only cures and infertility but apparently also enables the wearer to predict the future.

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Birthstone of April (Diamond)

April: Diamond may be the birthstone for this month but all men and women fancy this gem. More or less standard for engagement rings, it is bougth to celebrate the tenth and sixtieth wedding anniversaries. In India it is the gem of Shukra (Venus), whose blessing are invoked for an everlasting marriage. As it safeguarded virtue, a man would secretly place a diamond under the pillow of his wife to make her reveal secrets in her artistic quality of the person. It removes evil, creates as aura of goodness, augurs a luxurious life and enchances sexual power. For best results, a diamond of one carat or bigger should be worn set in gold platinum on the index finger of the right hand.

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Birthstone of March (Aquamarine)

March: Aquamarine is the stone for March as well as a gem for the nineteenth wedding anniversary. The sea-blue clear stone without any tinge of green or grey is quite valuable. Sailors coveted this gemstone as it protected them from shipwreck. Aquamarine earrings attract love and affection. Even to dream of the stone portends new friendships.

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Birthstone of February (Amethyst)

February: Amethyst is the birthstone for February and the accepted anniversary gemstone for the sixth year of marriage. Amethyst is a pale lilac to rich, deep purple variety of quartz. The best samples are a deep purple with rose-coloured flashes that give beauty and fire. The Greeks said that it prevented intoxication, whether by liquor or love. Some say that it protects the wearer from treason and deceit, and prevents baldness and inproves the cpmplexion.

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Healing power of gemstones (Gem Therapy)

Gems are from worn not as mere ornaments aet in jewellery, but because of very powerful and special properties they are believed to possess. From pre historic times, with doctors and medicine men were convinced that certain gemstones had magical powers to cure disease and heal wounds. They may be some psychological truth in this belief, as the very faith in the curative properties of gemstones has cured people of debilitating illnesses. Ancient physicians used ailments over the ages. Perhaps the chemical naature of the gem was responsible for the cure, but the knowledge that the treatment was expensive might also have played a significant role in the treatment. Some believed in the psychological effects alone and treated illness by placing the chosen stone on the patient or by getting him to wear the stone in jewellery. Even today, patients generallly resort to this form therapy after other treatments fail.

The ancient Hindus believed that swallowing the powder of the highest quality diamonds would impart energy, strength,beauty, happiness, and long life. The powder of a diamond was considered poisonous and caused various ailments and diseases such as lameness, jaundice, pleurisy and leprosy. The powder of different coloured diamonds was said to have different flavours, from sweet to sour salty.

According to physicians in Europe in the fifteenth century, a diamond would heal disease if the patient warmed it with his body in his sick bed, or even breathed on it while fasting. Held in the mouth, it would stop people from telling lies. In Europe till about the eighteenth century, medicinal properties were ascribed to hems. It is true that some gemstones do alleviate disorders; for example, pearls do cure digestive disorders because they are composed mainly of chalk, but the ancient octors did not know this, though they found that the treatment did work. Five thousand years ago, Egeptian doctors placed hematite on wounds as it was the colour of blood but it is now known that it does coagulate the blood and so stops bleeding.

Gem Tip

The famous religious thangka paintings of Tibet are coloured blue with turquoise powder. Traditionally, turquoise helps the soldier and the hunter and brings happiness and good fortune to all. The ritual is to hold the stone and look at the new crescent moon after wishing for wealth, but one must carry the stone till the wealth arrives.

Birthstone of January (Garnet)

January: Garnet is the accepted birthstone for this month. The durable and brilliant stone is found in all colours from dark red, brilliant green, bright red, raspberry pink and orange. According to legend, Noah hung a large garnet in the ark for illumination. According to the Egyptians, garnet was as antidote for snake-bite and food poisoning. The tsars of Russia were fond of rare green garnets. These attractive gemstones are not very expensive and reportedly give its wearers guidance in the night and protection from nightmares, and are thought to have a special affinity with the blood. Traditionally; they assure constancy as well as riches, good health and joy.

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Jade, a stone revered in Tibet and China, is often substituted for emerald.
Jade its own qualities, as a traditional sysmbol of purity, serenity and
love. It helps to inspire the mind to make quick and precise decisions and a
Chinese businessman often touches this gem while concluding a deal. The
Maoris believe that jade, particularly the dark olive-green variety, brings
luck and that wearing jade while gardening improves the health of the


PEARL (Moti): The most expensive pearls are glossy white and spherical. When
worn, they enchance mental peace and maternal bliss, grant success in
education and prefession and attract fame and wealth. Worn as a mose ring, a
pearl prevents widowood and increases the charm of women. It is worn set in
silver on the little finger of the right hand on Monday for best results.
The pearl should weight 1.25 ratis (old Indian 30,8,17 and 26th of the month
should not wear this gem. Being a cold stone, it is particularly attractive
on moonlit night and when the moon is in taurus.

Cat's Eye

CAT'S EYE(Lehsuniya): The genuine chrysoberyl cat;s eye is very rare
jewellers often pass off striated orange quartz as cat's eye. Thue
chrysoberyl is a greenish milky stone with a striking moving white band. It
is said to restore lost wealth, combat disease, make the wearer attractive
to others and favour gamblers. Being another powerful stone, it should be
tried out for a few days before buying it, as it apparently causes
uneasiness and restlessness to those who should not wear it. The chrysoberyl
cat's eye counters the evil of Ketu and diseases that are caused by Mars.
During the transit of Ketu in Sagittarius, a 3 to 7 carat stone set in steel
or silver should be worn. Those born on the 4,9,13,18,27 and 28th of the
month are advised to avoid this stone.


CORAL: Traditionally, an Indian woman wears red coral bead necklaces to
maintain good health, marital happiness and longevity. She would then be
blessed with children, intelligence, fair fortune and success. White coral,
worn as a necklace, was thought to stop abdominal colic and indigestion. A
concoction of coral, emerald, and saffron, wrapped in the skin of a cat was,
in bygone days, employed to combat fever. Believed to have a special
affinity with woman, coral was believed to change its hue from dep red to
pale in accordance with the menstrual cycle. It was also said to avert
tempests at sea when tied to the mast with sealskin, to ward off the evil
eye, to repel rabies and cure madness. Red coral instils courage when worn
and protects the wearer from calamities like thunder, floods and fire. When
worn as a ring, it is set in gold, silver or copper and worn on the first or
4th finger of the right hand when Mars is in Capricorn or Aries. People born
on the 2,5,7,8,11,14,15,17,20,23,25,26 and 29th of the month do not wear

Hessonite Garnet

HESSONITE GARNET (Gomed): This honey yellow stone counters the delays that
the malefic planet Rahu causes in the fulfilment of ambitions. It also
protects against the evil eye and from sudden misfortune, stomach ailments,
diseaster, insanity and spirits.It helps is dealing with people effectively.
Best worn when Rahu is in Gemini, a 6 to 12 carat stone is normally set in
gold and worn on the second finger of the right hand. If one is born of the
dates 2,3,7,9,12,16,17,18,20,21,25,26,27,29 and 30 of the month, one should
avoid this stone.

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