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The Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) in collaboration with the Sri Lanka High Commission in UK proposes to organize Sri Lanka’s participation at the International Jewellery London (IJL) with the objective of further expanding Sri Lanka’s share in the UK market and for promoting new designs/manufacturing capabilities. This is Sri Lanka’s first ever participation at IJL.

IJL, launched in 1956 is held for the 52nd year and is considered to be the only UK Trade Show totally dedicated to jewellery. For details please visit www.jewellerylondon.com.

It is proposed to organize a group of 5 – 7 jewellery companies/calibrated and free size gemstone exporters to exhibit at the National Pavilion.

The EDB may consider assistance towards part cost of stall space, cost of construction & display facilities, fixtures & fittings.

Applicants will be interviewed by a Selection Committee where they will be required ro present their samples and prove their manufacturing capabilities.

Application should be made on the prescribed forms available at the Product Management Division, 8th Floor, EDB & on the Website: www.srilankabusiness.com

The forms could also be obtained from the EDB Provincial Offices - Central Province, 22 B, Kotugodella Veediya, Kandy. Tel: 081-2233592, North-Western Province, 22/1, Mihindu Mawatha, Kurunegala, Tel: 037-2221972, Southern Province, 41, Sri Devamitta Mawatha, Galle, Tel: 091-2223595

Duly completed application forms should reach the Director/Product Management, Sri Lanka Export Development Board, No. 42, Navam Mawatha, Colombo 2 on or before 31st March 2008.
For further details, please contact Tel: 2300705-11, Fax: 2305212.

DHPL Building , No. 42, Navam Mawatha, Colombo 2.
Tel: 2300705-11 Fax: 2300715
Web Site : http//www.srilankabusiness.com

Incredibly Ignored Iolite

iolite gemstoneiolite

“That’s not real tanzanite…..its just iolite!” Ever hear that from one of your customers? Or perhaps be out in someone else’s store and hear someone make that remark? Ever since tanzanite came on the market a few years ago, iolite has been given a back seat on the gemstone marketing bus. Why? Because iolite offers the same beautiful blue color of tanzanite, but has a second color of…well, colorless…instead of the purple of tanzanite. So tanzanite has been getting all the attention, because iolite is blue/colorless rather than blue/purple. You can see the two colors in the images below. And for many years iolite has been regarded as a tanzanite wannabe. A cheap substitution. Well, that is no longer the case. Its time to start paying some attention to this Incredibly Ignored Iolite.

Let’s face it, the jewelry industry needs some cost effective tanzanite alternatives in today’s market, both for themselves and for their customers. Tanzanite continues to be in full production, in spite of the word given that the tanzanite mine would play completely out within two years. That word was given in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996….well I think you get the point. No one knows just how much tanzanite there is. And that “buy it now before it’s all gone” marketing technique by tanzanite sellers has become tedious at best. But in spite of the big marketing machine for tanzanite, do we have to continue to think about iolite as a tanzanite substitute?

In reality, iolite is just as pretty as tanzanite. Look at the stones in the banner of this week’s edition! It is far more durable than tanzanite. Iolite wears far better than the much more brittle tanzanite. And it’s just plain cheaper. Take a look at left at the pile of iolite rough I just got into the ISG office from a dealer in Thailand . This is 100 pieces of very nice rough weighing a total of 1,567.89 carats. And what did I pay for this rough? US$39.25 on eBay®. Yes, on eBay®. From one of the good eBay® sellers I was telling you about last week. That is only 2 ½ cents PER CARAT as rough! (I told you there were some good sellers on eBay, just have to know where to look).

And what kind of finished product can you expect? Well again, look at the iolites in the banner above, and a finished iolite at right. Iolite gemstones come in a variety of beautiful blue colors that can range from light violet blue, to a dark blue that can rival a fine sapphire. Due to the optical properties it has to be cut correctly to show the best blue color through the face of the stone. But properly cut and set, iolite makes beautiful gemstone jewelry items at a low cost for your customers and at high profits for you. This in today’s market is a win win for everyone.

If your diamond profits have gone the way of BlueNile, and you are looking to get into colored gemstones that are plentiful, long wearing, cost effective and come with high profits, you might want to start thinking outside the traditional tanzanite box, and start thinking about the incredibly ignored iolite!


We are pleased to inform you that the following trade fairs are being held during the year 2008. The information in relation to the undernoted fairs were received by the NCE from the Sri Lanka High Commission in Malaysia.

Name of Trade Fair and Dates
01. 05th Malaysia International Halal Showcase - 07-11 May 2008
02. Interiors Malaysia 2008 - 29 May - 01 June 2008
03. 09th Malaysia International Food & Beverage Trade Fair - 10-12 July 2008
04. International Healthcare Conference & Exhibition 2008 - 14-16 July 2008
05. Print Technology 2008 - 1-4 August 2008

The fair catalogues and other details are made at the Secretariat of the NCE for reference. Interested companies are requested to contact the undersigned for further details.

U. W. Karunaratne
Asst. Director - Export Promotion & Development
National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka
Email - itcnce@eureka.lk

Monday, March 17, 2008

International Jewelry Vietnam (IJV)

International Jewelry Vietnam

This is the first international level jewelry event in Vietnam to be held from 02 to 04 May 2008 in the Ho Chi Minh City International and Convention Centre (HIECC). The International Jewelry Vietnam will soon become the prime event for all aspects of diamonds, gemstones, pearls and fine finished jewelry and related products in this fast growing country.

Mark your calendar now for a trip to Ho Chi Minh City where the jewelry world will meet to launch the year right at this new, hassle-free business environment show staged in the fastest growing market in the world.

According to IMF, Vietnam is emerging as the worlds third most attractive marketplace for consumer goods.

IJV will be the key showcase for the jewelry sector in this fast growth market and offers extensive coverage of products and services in the gemstones and jewelry field, highlighting business networking for both trade and end users.

International Vietnam Jewelry Show

Official Carrier: Cathay Pacific Airways

Official Hotels: Omni Saigon Hotel & ParkRoyal Hotel

With support from the Ministry of Trade of the government, market key players in the sector will be joined at IJV by numerous international companies from all over the world.

If you would like to be sure you are on our mailing list to receive all information about this show, please fill out the below and submit to us. If you would like to speak with someone about the show, you may call (+852 -68382688) or fax to (+852 - 68386168)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ejewels - Sri Lankan Jeweler

ejewels The journey of ejewels formally known as "Enterprise Jewellers" began in 1950, when the first show room was opened in Colombo's premium city center 67, York Street, has grown and expanded over the years, from a company with a humble beginings into a high quality jewellery store. The key to its success has been a visionary creativity, an inspirational leardership, a dedicated workforce and a lot of sincere hard work.

The founder of Enterprise Jewellers Mr. Gunasena De Silva had helmed the company since 1950, and his experience and vision have provided tremendous inspiration over the years. In 2003 his sons and doughters joined the company with a new branding as ejewels with the vision of making ejewels an exclusive jewellery lable locally and internationaly.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Diamond Products from SDP Impex - Russia

Our company has got a good experience of manufacturing Synthetic Diamond
Products, which are widely used in processing Gems Stones, Cubic Zirkonia,
composites and ceramics. Special regimes of synthesis allow us to make
diamond powder with high abrasive abilities in cutting and polishing
applications of the mentioned above materials. For automatic and hand
cutting we recommend the grain size 0-2 and 0-4, which is widely used by our
customers in Wuzhou and Bangkok.

The most outstanding features of our Diamond Powder are: the increased
portion of monocrystals (up to 60 %), shape coefficient 1.3 (actual sizes),
portion of the main fraction up to 85 %. Such features allow to increase the
abrasive ability of the diamond powder up to 30-40 % comparing to the other
similar products currently available on the market. The increased abrasive
ability of this diamond does not cause any essential increase in the surface
roughness after processing.

If you are interested in our products, please don`t hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward for your reply.

Ms. Julia Alexeeva
Export Manager
SDP Impex
59 -2 , Lunacharskogo str., Tutaev, Yaroslavl region
152300 RUSSIA
Phone/Fax : (+7-48533) 21246
mob. +7 903 638 49 02
E-mail: yulia.sdp@mail.ru

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