Monday, December 26, 2016

Mangalabarana collection launches by Swarnamahal

Tradition look centre stage when to be brides were offered veritable selection of bridal requisites under one roof at a recently concluded Weddign Fair at Sirimavo Bandaranayake Memorial hall at BMICH.

Swarnamahal launched their ‘Mangalabarana 2009’ collection designed with the traditional bride in mind. Exquisite jewellery created in sovereign gold had matching eardrops and necklaces with a price range to fit the budgets of the average middle class consumer.

The yellow gold jewellery bridal package ranged from fifty thousand up to two hundred and fifty thousand rupees depending on the design and its weight in sovereign gold. The white gold Aura Collection studded with valuable diamonds was targeted at the more affluent. The prices ranged from approximately two hundred thousand up to eight hundred thousand rupees.

The brides were offered the option of purchasing jewellery designs off the counter at discounted rate at the exhibition or to have their bridal jewellery designed to suit their taste.

Expertly designed poruwa, settee back and other decorative flower arrangements were displayed by many wedding support services who offered every bridal requirement from Kiribath structures to Magul Bera, from Nilame costume to musical band. Bridal Salons offered competitive packages and discounts in products and services over the counter to brides accessing their services. From wedding cakes to cake boxes and cake structures to invitations the stalls had it all.

The exhibition had a good response from the couples who sought the convenience of shopping under one roof saving the hassle of running from pillar to post getting the requisites together for the celebrated moments.

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