Friday, March 25, 2011

Healing powers of gemstones - Part 8

Sardonyx was a cure snake bite and other poison. Topaz has the widest range of curative powers and is believed to prevent colds and tuberculosis. It relieved fear, detoxified the body, strengthened the thyroid gland and enchanced metabolism. Topaz was regarded as a powerful aphrodisiac and was often used to treat sexual dysfunction. Powdered topaz in rosewater prevented bleeding and a topaz pressed against the nose stopped a nose bleed. The gem also overcame cowardice, removed tumours, improved eyesight, aided digestion, and prevented sleepwalking and, dropped wine, countered lunacy.

Tourmaline is said heal cancer and AIDS. It was known to strengthen teeth, shrink varicose veins prevent baldness. Its tendency to develop electrical charge when rubbed with silk gave it the ability to induce sleep and relieve stress. Women were advised to avoid green tourmaline.

Zircon, otherwise known as hyacinth stimulates the heart and stops convulsions and cramps. If the stomach was massaged with zircon placed in a cloth bag,k insomnia would disappear. During the great plague, men and women hung powdered zircon round their necks.

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