Friday, March 25, 2011

Healing powers of gemstones - Part 6

Jet filtered out germs and alleviated headaches, toothache, stomach diseases, goitre, dropsy, hysteria and delirium caused by fever. It was applied to tumours in powdered form. The fumes of burning jet alleviated various conditions such as colds, female disorders and hysteria. Jet soaked in wine relieved toothache and fixed loose teeth.

Lapis Lazuli has been favourite cure for skin diseases and circulatory problems and against recurrent fevers. This stone was extensively used by medicine men of the Levant. Again being blue, eye troubles were healed by bathing with water in which lapis was soaked. Powdered lapis apparently prevented miscarriage, but also eased childbirth. Besides being an antidote for snake bite, it is generally worn to ward off the evil eye.

Malachite reduces stress tension and aids sleep. Malachite and honey reduced bleeding and relieved cramps. Dissolved in milk, it was given for heart malfunction. Malachite also cured ulcers and was used as a purgative. Moonstone relieves anxiety and stress in women. Traditionally it was prescribed during childbirth. Onyx helps to induce sleep. Opal is reputed to strengthen bones. Wrapped in bay leaf, opals cured diseases of the eye, heart cancer. It was also thought to be a cpntraceptive.

Pearls in milk were given to cure ulcers, while ground pearls in wood syrup kept off the plague. The gem promotes body fluids and the blood, nourishing the body tissues and the nerves. It also strengthens the female reproductive system, improves fertility, and calms the emotion. Pearls were burnt and powdered to stop bleeding and inhaling the smoke cured headaches. It was considered beneficial for easing indigestion, curing haemorrhoids , and counteracting poison. Some regarded it as a powerful aphrodisiac. It increases sexual strength and makes the conjugal life, removes melancholy and increases fortune. It has the reputation that it offers protection from harm, inspires faithfulness and overall ensures a happy married life.

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