Friday, March 25, 2011

Healing powers of gemstones - Part 5

Garnet, as with other red and yellow gems, was thought to stop bleeding and cure blood and eye diseases and it apparently also increased the blood pressure. It was also prescribed for insomina.

Green Fluorite is helpful for hormonal changes such as PMS and menopause. Hematite cured inflamed eyelids and headaches, and hypertension. Placed anywhere on the body as a ring, pendant or necklace, it cured illness of all kinds. Hematite has a long history with eye doctors. Tumours on the eyelids wrre treated with powdered hematite in egg white or fenugreek and general inflammation subsided when treated with a solution of hematite in water. It also soothed skin injuries such as burns.

Jade strengthens the heart, kidneys and the immune system and so increases longevity and fertility. Ancient Greeks treated ailments of the eye with jade. The green gem is a good healing talisman for problem associated with the kidneys, urinary tract and digestion but it has been known to control swelling of glands in the face and neck. Jade treated kidney ailments and broke up kidney stones by placing it on the body silver, jade strengthened the lugs, the vocal organs, and the heart and prolonged life. A mixture of jade, rice and dew hardened bones, made muscles more supple, and purified blood. Jade was used for embalming bodies. Dissolved in wine, it relived bile.

Jasper alleviates cancer and other wasting diseases. It vitalises brain tissue and stimulates hormone balance.

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