Thursday, March 24, 2011

Healing powers of gemstones - Part 4

Diamond heals injury, trauma, and diseases on all levels, Diamonds are said cure ailments of the kidney and reproductive organs. They also enchance sexual power and help cure diabetes, syphilis and skin and uterine diseases. It was once believed that a diamond would weat near poison and many even today have the mistaken notion that the diamond is a deadly poison when swallowed. Emperor Frederick 11 (1194-1250) died, according to legend, through a fatal overdose of powdered diamond. It is said that the son of the Turkish Sultan Dajazet (1447-1513) poisoned his father by mixing a large amount of pulverized diamond in food. When the Pope Clement 5 was ailing in 1532, his doctors dosed him with fourteen spoonfuls of powdered diamonds and other precious stones, as a result of which he said. Since then the fable has spread that powdered diamonds are poisonous. P.L. Farnese, son of the Pope Paul n3, tried to assassinate the Italian goldsmith, Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571) by mixing diamond powder with his salad. Cellini apparently escaped death because the lapidary who was employed to pulverize the stone kept the diamonds for himself and substituted powdered glass! This association of diamonds with poison may have been promoted to discourage mining workers from stealing diamonds by swallowing them.

Dioptase strengthens the cardiovascular and centrel nervous systems and is used to cure ulcers, nervous stomach and hypertension.

Emerald a green stone often tinged with blue is believed to be the most powerful healing gemstone. It is generally placed on the painful area. Medicine men soaked emerald in water and bathed eyes of patients to rid them of irritation. Those with gout and liver complaints were given powdered emerald. Just holding the stone in the mouth stopped bleeding. It was also recommended for the treatment of dysentry and leprosy.

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