Thursday, March 24, 2011

Healing powers of gemstones - Part 3

Amethyst apparently prevented drunkenness when tied over the navel or when wine was drunnk from an amethyst goblet. It also cleaned poison, quickened the wits, protected soldiers, and cured gout. A lotion of amethyst was given to cure barrenness while merele wearing it increased income and protected one against witchcraft. It soothed passion and brought on spiritual uplift. It placed on the stomach or the liver it alleviated abdominal pain. It was wrapped around the joints to lessen arthritic pains.

Apatite helps to fight viruses. Aquamarine being blue, was a natural to cure eye injuries. The finely powdered stone was put in the injured eye for a while. Alternatively, the powder was soaked in water and the injured eye was bathed in the solution. Drinking this water also prevented hiccups. Aquamarine was also rubbed over swollen glands to reduce them. Just wearing it prevented spasms, convulsions, and liver ailments.

Aventurine induces blood circulation and clears congestion. It is associated with the thymus and is traditionally used for healing diseases of the eye. Beryl is recommended for ailments of the liver, stomach, glands and eyes. It is said to boost the immune system and alleviate depression, nausea, ulcers, constipation and obesity. Bloodstone was thought to stop bleeding, as it was a green gem flecked with red.

Carnelian alleviates allergies, nose bleeding and eye irritation but it must be washed after use. Citrine relieves diseases of the kidneys, colon, liver, gallbladder, digestive organs and heart. Coral increases fertility and regulates menstruation. It eases teething problems in children and is a cure for arthritis. Coral was used for most ailments, to cure wounds and ance, relieve indigestion and epilepsy. Red coral dissolved in wine was prescribed for liver disease and was a diuretic. Babies gained weight if given powdered coral with milk and this potion also fought acidity.

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