Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cat's Eye

CAT'S EYE(Lehsuniya): The genuine chrysoberyl cat;s eye is very rare
jewellers often pass off striated orange quartz as cat's eye. Thue
chrysoberyl is a greenish milky stone with a striking moving white band. It
is said to restore lost wealth, combat disease, make the wearer attractive
to others and favour gamblers. Being another powerful stone, it should be
tried out for a few days before buying it, as it apparently causes
uneasiness and restlessness to those who should not wear it. The chrysoberyl
cat's eye counters the evil of Ketu and diseases that are caused by Mars.
During the transit of Ketu in Sagittarius, a 3 to 7 carat stone set in steel
or silver should be worn. Those born on the 4,9,13,18,27 and 28th of the
month are advised to avoid this stone.

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