Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthstone of January (Garnet)

January: Garnet is the accepted birthstone for this month. The durable and brilliant stone is found in all colours from dark red, brilliant green, bright red, raspberry pink and orange. According to legend, Noah hung a large garnet in the ark for illumination. According to the Egyptians, garnet was as antidote for snake-bite and food poisoning. The tsars of Russia were fond of rare green garnets. These attractive gemstones are not very expensive and reportedly give its wearers guidance in the night and protection from nightmares, and are thought to have a special affinity with the blood. Traditionally; they assure constancy as well as riches, good health and joy.


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These eye-catching jewels are not very costly and said to be give its users assistance in the night and security from problems, and are thought to have a unique appreciation with the system.

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