Friday, March 25, 2011

Ancient recipes of gem therapy

Powdered pearl, zircon, emerald and coral cured plague. Carbonate of copper, pearls, charred stag's horn and coral cured blood poisoning, malaria and malignant fevers.Powdered kidney stone of a goat with white amber, red coral, crab's eyes, powdered hartshorn, pearl and black crab's claws was a basic life-saving cordial.

A long pearl was soaked in malt or in an infusion of serpent gall, honeycomb and pumice and then pulled to a length of two or three feet. Cut into short pieces, it was used as a youth elixir and to depress appetite. Seed pearls dissolved in distilled vinegar and oil of tartar forms a sediment and this powder, rinsed with pure water and dried, was an ideal face scrub. A tincture of pure rock crystal cured dropsy, lymphatic swelling or hypochondriac melancholy.

Jade, rice, and dew water boiled in a copper pot and filtered, hardened bones, made muscles strong and supple, calmed the mind and purified the blood.

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