Friday, February 4, 2011

How gemstones can improve your health

A healthy person was one who balanced all four colours and so treatment with colour removed and imbalances. Ayurvedic doctors today administer colour therapy to their patients in the belief that each colour has specific healing properties and the vibrations from each colour establish a balnce that is necessary for holistic well-being.

There is an enormous range of colour found among minerals and even within a single mineral species, there is great subtlety in the variation of colour. Tourmaline, beryl, quartz, and spinel are some minerals that occur in a wide range of colours. In these cases, the value of the mineral is directly linked o the fashion of the times, that is, what colour is cosidered most desirable.

Although chromotherapy is not very widely practised as a branch of medicine, the traditional link between the colours of gemstones and the mood of the wearer persists. The colour of the stone that an individual wears can determine mood for that time. There is also a belief that the colored light from the stone on it's wearer betrays his or her inner mind, that he has lied or is unfaithful or that he may be ill or going to die.

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