Friday, February 4, 2011

Colored Stones for Gem Therapy

Colour can help heal illness by adjusting the light in the room. Wearing coloured gemstones can also help the healing process. This method of treatment, called chromotherapy, restores the colour imbalance of the individual by appliying it externally to the body. Chromotherapists say that coloured light gemstones have innate healing energies and do change one's mood. The mixture of coloures in sunlight establishes equilibrium of mind and body and causes a sense of well being and this is why sunbathing is advised and is so popular in northern climes.

Chromotherapy is not a recent fad. The ancient Egyptians believed that the god Thoth started the practice of healing through colours and advocated remedies, and cures using colored stones, minerals. crystals and dyes. The method of healing through colour, spread to ancient Greece where it was used in combination with other elements like air, water, fire, earth and ether. They believed that colours represented bodily fluids, yellow was choler or bile. The blue of lapis lazuli, turquoise and aquamarine related to the sky and water.

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