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Birthstones and Astrology

The faith that many people have in the properties of gemstone to bring them
good luck and protection is rooted in the tradition of centuries and exists
even in these days of scientific specticism and logic. Throughout history,
most cultures have had countless beliefs and fascinating tales about the
mysterious powers of these precious stones and other rare artefacts. As gems
shine like the stars above, astronomers and astrologers of the earliest
civilisations associated them with the planets and with the signs of the
zodiac and said that they were a source of mysterious rays. Their properties
provided the power to combat the malevolent effect of unfavourable planets,
to bring good luck, prosperity, status, knowledge and concentration, good
health, to avoid disasters and to change the course of an individual's life.
Almost every religion of the world now recommends crystals or gemstones for
protectiion, healing and contemplation, s well as to develop the personality
of an individual on a spiritual and material plane. Gems are thought to be
so powerful that they apparently led to a higher state of conciounses and
perception;thus they played and do so even today, an important part in
occult practices.

Gaius Plinius Secundus, otherwise known as Pliny the Elder wrote in his
book, The Natural History that some minerals possessed great values and
powers. For instance, a blue sapphire would bring good fortune, love and
release for prisoners. Zircon was thought to bless farmers with a good
harvest and to guard against lightning; it also ensured prudence in business
matters, to ward off poison, and exorcise the devil. Holding the stone in
the mouth was believed to cheer the heart and mind. Gradually these
traditions grew into faith in the power of crystals, a belief that the
Romans codified and taught to the Germans in the North.

Ancient astronomers divided the sky that they saw into twelve zones and each
was given a colour. At the same time, the power of a gemstone was belived to
reside in its colour and so each sign of the zodiac gained a gemstone. As
people discovered more gemstones of approximately the same colour, these
became associated with calender months rather than the zodiac signs. The
current cult of birthstones is a consequence of this development, but each
culture, be it Roman, Arabic, Jewish, Polish, Russian, Italian or Hindu
chose a different set or gems for each month.

The astrologies of the East and West often affirm the influence of planets
ans stars on all life. According to present day astrologers, the future of a
person depends on the position of various planets at the instant of his or
her birth. Since each planet is accociated with a gemstone, the light that
the gem emitscan cure or alleviate ailments. The reason stated is that the
birthstone stabilises energy flow in the body and helps realise inner peace.
They prescribe gems that can therefore neutralise the strong to subtle
malefic or disturbing influence of any planet that may affect the person
pcychologically as well as physically.

Gems are composed of minerals that are essential to growth. The lack of a
certain mineral could lead to ill health. Wearing the appropriate gem could,
according to gem therapists, cure this situation by maintaining a balance
between minerals in the body and in this manner, remove physical maladies as
well as help overcome problems of the body and mind. Contemporary life
commands great concentration, flexibility and energy in order to achieve
integrity and progress. Such intense concentration has been achieved through
contemplation in front of a crystal or gemstone. This is holistic process
and the time needed to establish the balance and to feel a stronger advance
in the field of perception depends om the individual.

There are various theories as to how gemstones influence events relevant to
the owner. One such suggests that planets sometimes have negative
'vibrations' that the gem neutralises, perhaps acting as a protective
shield. Vedic astrology supports this theory by asserting that remedial
measures can mitigate the harmful influence of planets. In particular,
faultless gems of not less than two carats in weight, worn in contact with
the skin, are the most beneficial for astrological purposes and should be
combined with other practices like prayer, meditation, ane service. Yogic
theories also believe that gemstones stabilise the chakras in and around the
body. They help in realising inner peace and stability, direct consciouness
and offer protection from psychic and mental influences by maintaining the
physical immunity and in neutralising existing difficulties. Whatever the
philosophy, the general belief is that wearing gems will bring about success
in a career, foster a long and healthy life and alter one's personality.
This personality change effects an improvement in the capacity to predict
market trends and so increase business profits. It can render more intense a
romantic involvement or even save a faltering marriage. Wearing the right
kind of gem could assure young people who are always most concerned about
their attachments that love will be constant forever. It can bring an
important encounter closer and lead to a satisfying phas in love and romance
giving ongoing affairs a special lustre. One the other hand, a gem like
malachite would provide pretection from undesirable seduction.

Generally, a gem should be set in such a way that it touches the body.
Placing the birthstone in cintact with the skin on a painful area can
neutralise mild paints in a short time. However it should be with the wearer
at all times and no one else should touch it if it is to retain its power.
The stone will change its vibrations and lose contact with the wearer if it
is not worn for more than one period moon. If a crystal or gemstones is worn
as a pendant on a chain or choker, it should be located by feeling a
sensation of oneness in the area of aorta or breast. It should touch the
breastbone. A ring on the thumb endows strength and willpower but worn on
the forefinger, it gives self-control. On the middle finger, it affirms
personality while on the ring finger it denotes accomplishment. On the
little finger, the life force is encouraged. A bracelet or bangle on the
left hand shows openness wisdom, while on the right hand is signifies
self-affirmation and activity.

The most powerful gems are diamond, ruby, emerald, pearl, chrysoberyl
cat's-eye, red coral, hessonite garnet, blue sapphire and yellow sapphire.
Astrologically ruled by nine planets, these nine precious gems are of great
importance. Their actrological properties are described below. Other gems
might substitute these nine planetary gems with less effect.

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