Friday, January 28, 2011

Super Shine Gems

Our Profile

20 years of experience in exporting from Sri Lanka with well over 1000 shipments done.
Hundreds of fully satisfied American & other Foreign Gem dealers as customers.
Over 20 years experience in Lapidary & Gem Trade and Professional Qualifications of our proprietor - FGA & Diploma in Gemology & Geology from the University of Sri Lanka.

Our Facilities

- Well equipped modern lapidary with latest gem cutting machinery.
- Well experienced, dedicated work force.
- Personal supervision by the proprietor himself.
- All stones supplied by us are precision cut to international standards

Our Specialties

Precision cut, top quality Single Sapphires in Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple & White Colors. High Value Single Stones, Centre Stones, Investment Stones.
Top Quality Calibrated Sapphires from 2m/4x3m to 7m/9x7m , Rainbow Sapphires Sets,Color Matched / Color Graduated Sapphire Sets.

Other Precious Gems:
Fine Quality Star Sapphires, Star Rubies, Chrysoberyl Cat's Eyes, Alexendrites etc etc.

Semi - Precious Stones:
Spinels, Rhodolites, Hessonites, Pyrope Garnets, Zircons, Tourmalines, Chrysoberyls, Apatite, Topaz, Amethysts, Citrines etc. Mostly as 5ct up single stones , ...

Services Offered (Contract Cutting & Heat Treatment) :
Contract cutting of your Rough Stones.
Maximum care, highest yield, finest quality assured.
Very competitive rates, prompt service & Cutting of any complex faceting design or any fancy shape, done to perfection.

Heat Treatment services of Sapphires available.

Foreign Buyers Visiting Sri Lanka:
With our long experience, expertise & contacts in Gem Trade, we are able to help Foreign Gem Buyers visiting Sri Lanka to find all their requirements at most competitive prices.

62, Wijerama Road, Udahamulla, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.

94 11 2803 706
94 11 2803 961

94 11 2802 029
Attn: Super Shine Gems


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