Thursday, March 18, 2010

History of gemstones - While the beauty of gems

While the beauty of gems lies in its color and transparency, its luster and its fire, its value depends on its rarity. The Kohinoor diamond, for instance is priceless because it is the only one of its kind and can not be replaced. It had also retained its beauty through generations of bloody and eventful history, embodying durability, another quality of gemstones. Except for organic gems, like pearl, coral and amber that are soft and must be treated with great care, most gemstones can withstand centuries of fairy rough treatment. This lasting quality had led to the creation of countless legends about their supernatural and heavenly origins. Inevitably they began to play a prominent part in astrology, a connection that has endured through eras into modern times. Even today that are thought to have a profound influence on daily life. Soon gems and jewellery were acquired not just for their supposed ability to change the health, prosperity and course of life of the individual who owned or wore them. Preventive and curative properties too were ascribed to them; this belief has led them to the use of gemstones in medicinal preparations and therapy.

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