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history of gemstones -2

The most beautiful crystals and gems were considered superbly powerful. They were assumed to be full of life because they emitted light, had an attractive color and easily cought the eye. Their hardness, clarity, brilliance, eternal newness and performance give them magical, miraculous and mysterious powers and convinced people that they had supernatural origins. Certain stones were observed to be lucky for some people and these observations were soon formalized with each gem begin allocated a day of the week, an hour of the day and a sign of a zodiac or an important person or position.

More religious of the world associate gemstones with the splendor of the gods. Indian legend state that Dwarka, the city of Kishna was a high and squire city measuring hundred yojanas with cupolas of diamonds, pillars of emeralds and courtyards of rubies. The legendary El Dorado was similarly extravagantly described.

Along with other Hindu ideas, Buddhism regarded diamond as a symbol of religious virtue. The poem Questions of king Milinda elaborate this;

Just O King, as the diamond is pure throughout, just so, O King, should the strenuous Bhikku (seeker of truth) earnest in effort, be perfectly pure in his means of livelihood. This O king is the first quality of the diamond be ought to have. And again, O king, the diamond can not be alloyed with other substance, just so O King should the strennous Bhikku, earnest in effort never mixed with wicked men as friends. This O king is the second quality of a diamond be ought to have. And again O king as the diamond is set together with the most closely gems, just O king, should the strennous Bhikku earnest in effort, associate with those of the highest excellence, with men who have earned the first, second or third stage of the noble path, with the jewel treasures of the Arahath of the recluses of the threefold wisdom, or of the six fold insight. This O king is the third quality of the diamond be ought to have. For it was said, O king by the blessed one (The Lord Buddha), the god over all gods, in the sutta nipatha, let the pure associated with the pure. Ever un recollection firm, Dwelling harmoniously wise, Thus shall ye put an end to griefs.

Another story says that The Lord Buddha received supreme enlightenment under the sacred tree of knowledge; this tree was a glowing mass of precious stones with diamonds on the base, sapphire for roots and fruit of pearls and rubies. The traveler, Hsuan Tsang tells of the throne, a hundred foot in circumference carved out of a single diamond and made at the time of the creation : upon it the 1000 Buddhas of the kalpa reposed and fallen in to ecstasy if the diamond. Earth and sand covered it completely since the Kaliyuga began. The Chinese housed their gods and goddesses in jade places while the revelation of St.John speaks of the heavenly city that rests in gemstones with gates of pearl and walls of jasper. The Talmud says that a brilliant garnet illuminated Noah's ark and according to legend, the ten commandments were engraved in lapis, though some believes that they were carved in Sapphire.

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