Sunday, March 28, 2010

history of gemstones - 1

Gemstones has been a treasure from the day it discovered in the long past history, not only for their beauty, color, performance or hardness but also for their rarity. In the history, some gemstones actually found a practical value, such as jasper or flint, cave men used these gemstones in their arrow heads and other tools to hunt and skinning animals. In that time, there was not an other value to these easily found gemstones. They believe that these shining gems are the core of the earth and they have a magical power within them. Over the time these valuable and rare gems were endowed with magical and supernatural power qualities. For instance around 7000BC Mesolithic man cut pieces of amber with the thought that the resin in its various forms would give him power over animals perhaps because he saw that it had trapped insects.

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