Monday, March 8, 2010

Diamond Tools

The edge of quality, shining and soft cutting is the main prime concern areas of DIAMOND TOOLS. We had set an edge on diamond cutting tools [faceting tools]. International are is where we focus to our durability and perfection. Our large clientele list of customers around the world has proven our tools on quality and durability.

So when you use our DIAMOND cutting tools your satisfaction is guaranteed as regards to durability and perfection. Quality that makes shines

To give a perfect edge or shine to precious metals [gold, silver, or platinum] and other metals [ brass, copper or aluminum] you need more perfect diamond cutting tools [faceting tools]. These tools are used for faceting & designing non-ferrous metals too. We have a system, that gives our tools the quality and the durability that is needed. QUALITY CONTROL [QC] is emphasized on brazing, turning, planning and many other factors, that helps our tools to be more perfect in high quality. Selected diamond is used as a raw material to give you the value for your money.


American Button OR Fly Wheel Tool
Range: 1 to 3 m.m. Angle: 140 Degrees.

Horizontal Diamond Tool
Range: 1 to 8 m.m. Angle: 140 Degrees

Horizontal in Tablet Diamond Tool
Range: 1 to 8 m.m. Angle: 130 Degrees

Hammer Diamond Tool
Range: 1 to 3 m.m.

CNC Machine Tool
Range: 1 to 3 m.m.

Turning Tool
Range: 1 to 8 m.m.

Pencil Turning Tool
Range: 1 to 3 m.m.


Special Packaging is done to that so damage occurs to the product.

Note: Extra Charges for Concave, Convex or any other lining on diamond.

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