Thursday, July 23, 2009

Introduction to gemstones in Sri Lanka

It gives one great pleasure to handle precious stones. These is the joy of holding a beautiful objects, knowing that it has enormous value. Even more satisfying is the knowledge that its appearance and therefore its value can be improves by scientific methods.

The indian market for diamonds and colored stones is enormous, perhaps the largest in the world. But Sri Lankan market for Blue Sapphires is unique. Sri Lankan sapphires (commonly known as Ceylon Sapphires) are considered as the finest in the world from the very beginning of history of gem trade. Indian customers buy gems to ensure good fortune, happiness and health. Unfortunately, the advice jewelers often give them is governed mostly by the necessity to make a sale. A survey of view from across the world on the effect of gemstones on men and women is therefore useful.

There have been various attempts by the local trade to improve the appearance and therefore the value of gemstones and these resulted in a considerable loss of precious stones. Some guidelines are given about the enhancement of diamonds and gemstones.

The ever increasing demand for gems has often resulted in imitation being sold as genuine. There are scientific methods to identify original and synthetic gemstones, but these methods are highly cost and could not affordable by a regular customer. Therefore various trade associations are formed to ensure the quality of service of gem and diamonds dealers. Sellers registered and members of these reputed trade associations are agreed to provide the real information about the item they sold. The operation of mining, extraction and finishing and selling of gemstones has now become a multi-billion dollar industry, employing several million people all over the world. Gem and jewellery trade is of supreme importance to India and Sri Lanka because it is a main export item which brings foriegn currency to the country.

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