Friday, February 27, 2009

Zam Gems introduces Premium White Gold range

Zam Gems introduced Premium White Gold range of jewelry to the local market. White Gold which first became popular in the 1920’s was an alternative to Platinum jewellery, thus making it more affordable. The trend soon became popular around the globe and it caught on in Sri Lanka and since then white gold has become extremely popular and the demand is on the rise.

White gold jewellery has also become extremely fashionable and many stars are seen on the red adorned in fine jewelry set in white gold. It is also popular among teenagers as trendy and modern designs look extremely attractive when it is set in white gold.

Zam Gems has been providing Sri Lankans and overseas customers with the best quality in gem stones and jewelry, white and yellow gold for over three decades. The White Gold in the market today is off-white or white with yellowish tinge to it. Therefore, it requires Rhodium plating to get the desired look. Due to the daily wear and tear of the jewellery as it comes in to contact with various chemicals such as perfume, crèmes, lotions and sweat, the plating will wear off after a white and will need re-plating.

The advantage of the new “Premium White” is that it is pure white. It does not change its color and therefore requires minimal or no Rhodium plating. The advanced technological methods we are introducing will give white gold jewellery a whole new dimension as you will have the highest quality and highest level of visual appeal as well, said Managing Director of Zam Gems Mr. Ashan Refai.

Although gold is naturally yellow, it can be changed and made into variety of colours, such as pink or rose gold, purple gold or even green gold, according to any trend or fashion the customer will desire.

These colors are manufactured with different metal alloys being mixed with yellow gold. The exception is 24kt gold which is always yellow.

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Jay Parmar said...

There is a lot of very popular jewellery out there today. One of the most popular is the white gold jewelry. Whenever you are dealing with white gold jewelry, there are a few different purposes it can be used for. First of all, when white gold is made with nickel, it's a lot stronger than other white gold jewellery. This means that it is perfect for making things like rings and pins. One more thing to keep in mind about white gold is that it does not retain it's shine quite like other metals do, thus, a lot of times white gold has to be coated with rhodium. Although some people still really like the yellow gold look, it is a little bit too traditional for some people. That is why they go with the very modern looking white gold.
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